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Kate DoubledayKate Doubleday
Album: Flutter
Label: Copper
Tracks: 10

For reasons to complex to go in here, "Flutter" was actually released last year, but unfortunately we are only publishing the review now, which will, if nothing else, bring back some focus on an album, well worth your consideration.

Prior to her album dropping into the Fatea office, I'd become aware of Kate though a late acquisition oh her EP, "Pied Flycatcher", which was, in retrospect, criminally short, as album number three "Flutter" identified.

It was an album that made an instant impression, one that saw Kate being offered a slot on the Fatea Showcase Sessions leading to the opening track, "Orchard" being included in the Winter 15 compilation, "Race".

There is a natural flow to Kate's music, a pastoral quality if you will, one that is there throughout the album, not just on the tracks that include reference to nature, but something deep and ingrained in the music and it captivates as surely as a vista, constantly leave space for new discovery. "Flutter" draws you in right across the board, the narrative, the melody, the arrangement and with sufficient depth to hold you enchanted.

It helps that Kate has a voice that is not only distinct, but also one that enhances the emotion being put into it, almost like an actress in its own right, taking the lines off the page and breathing life into them. Yes, "Flutter" is an album well worth checking out.

Neil King

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