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Kat Danser Kat Danser
Album: Goin' Gone
Label: Black Hen
Tracks: 10

When a woman sings or plays the blues, it’s like a soulful river pushing through a dry ravine. Danser’s voice has an inimitable quality and timbre that bubbles with deep emotional vitality.

This is horizon chasing, conversational music with hip-swaying swagger. Kat’s smooth lyricism is ripe and ready for the open road. As the double bass steps up the groove, she delivers a deep, soft-toned vocal that’s bright and self-assured.

Kansas City blues laments with a gorgeous mournful tone, revealing a tender underbelly. Sultry atmosphere soaks songs with a subtlety and deft craftsmanship. Sliding guitar, tripping sax and the unrelenting plod of bass and shaker conjures a mysterious mood.

Danser is joined by a quick-footed ensemble. Award-winning producer Steve Dawson constructs a lively backdrop for Kat’s inimitable southern-inspired guitar licks and descriptive storytelling. A seasoned live performer, she has recently earned herself a Phd in Ethnomusicology and proves here she’s a connoisseur of her genre.

Emily Allen