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Karen Craigie Karen Craigie
Album: Mountains Of Gold
Label: Buttercup
Tracks: 10

Australian singer and songwriter Karen Craigie proves that you do not need to emanate from Nashville to produce and deliver a superb modern country album.

The accompanying PR notes state that it is likely that I will have not heard of Karen before. Whilst that is correct, it is undoubtedly my loss more than hers. She will most certainly become a force to reckon with if this latest album is anything to go by.

The PR notes continue, "Mountains of Gold is the third album release for multi award-winning songwriter, Karen Craigie. Originating from Sydney, Karen has been songwriting, recording and singing since she was a child. She has released singles and albums under numerous monikers, writing and co-writing songs for dozens of artists and for her own catalogue." Mountains of Gold quite comfortably ticks the boxes for me from every direction.

This latest offering from Karen simply oozes class. Combine this with some great thoughtful lyrics, a superb country style voice, great musicianship and unforgettable music and you will see why I say it ticks all the boxes.

Karen has written all of the songs on this album, most of which come straight from the heart. Lyrics that combine sentiments with pathos, music gives Karen a vehicle to unburden her emotions in a way that is totally irresistible.

From the opening track "Little Heartbreaker" a great opening track with its upbeat country rhythm and feel, to the very slow title track, this album is filled with as good an example of modern country music as you are likely to hear anywhere. "So Long" is justifiably an award winning song and suits Karen's voice and style of country perfectly.

All ten tracks offer the listener something different but are all infused with the quality of Karen's voice, lyrics and her heartfelt feel for country music.

As you may have gathered by now, I love this album and I look forward to listening to many future albums from this amazing young Australian.

Rory Stanbridge