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Kaity RaeKaity Rae
Album: This Time Around
Label: Folkstock
Tracks: 4

When I reviewed Kaity Rae's debut EP, "Spark", I described her as "an artist to look out for" and immediately offered a slot on the Fatea Showcase Sessions back in Winter 2014. Since then she appears to have used her time honing her craft.

Releases have been limited to the odd track on compilations and experience gained of both life in general and performance more particularly all of which has been very good in informing her muse about how she wants her songs to be.

Preceded by a single, "Before I Knew", taken from her Sophomore EP, "This Time Around" fully justifies the artist to look out for tag as it takes her writing and performing forward as well as showcasing how her voice is developing, giving it a slightly deeper, and at times darker, edge.

Going with an EP seems like an excellent choice, it not only gives Kaity Rae the opportunity to give the listener a here and now view, it also includes some great pointers to the direction of travel, an acoustic pop sound, though one with a harder, at times, country rock, sentiment bubbling just below the surface and an opportunity to play with a bigger, brasher sound.

In some ways, "Before I Knew" is an EP with the bonnet up, you're not just looking at the car, you're seeing what makes it tick and occasionally hearing a sparkplug being changed, a timing belt adjusted, knowing all the time it's moving towards a sweeter running sound.

Kaity Rae continues to be an artist you keep an eye/ear on, landing yourself a copy of "This Time Around" is an excellent start as well as an opportunity to be part of what appears to be a very exciting journey.

Neil King