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Jon Palmer Acoustic Band Jon Palmer Acoustic Band
Album: The Silences In Between
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 12

There is nothing quite like an election to focus the mind and try to understand what is really important, that with the electoral system we currently have, what principles you need to be pragmatic about, in order to ensure more important principles that you hold make it past the winning post and then left mainly in the hand of the unprincipled to uphold.

None of which means that we should stop fighting for every principle that we hold dear, both in how we treat individuals, family, friends as well as those that govern our wider aspect with the world, NHS, policing, defence etc. If you've ever been involved in those late night discussions on issues, you'll know that the really profound stuff happens in the silences when everyone pauses for breath and actually takes a moment to think.

It's a lesson that the Jon Palmer Acoustic Band know really well and apply in earnest to "The Silences In Between", songs with plenty of musical interludes to help you think about the narratives that you are in the middle of, to give you a chance to catch up on the lyrics, be the songs, personal, political or indeed historic, it's a very human album, at times up lifting and good for the spirit, which gives the darker songs more space to work without feeling that you are in the hands of despair.

Despite the strong narrative, there are also times when "The Silences In Between" feels more like an impromptu dance album, a session at your favourite pub and a little letting yourself go. It has that slightly rough around the edges feel that makes you think it could go off at a tangent at any minute, the production values, though tight, lightly applied, rather than polished.

There is a strong element of social conscience to "The Silences In Between", how could there not be? I don't think the Jon Palmer Acoustic Band know how to do it any other way, they do however remember that people will listen more often and get to absorb it more if it's entertaining as well, it is.

Neil King