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Johnno Casson AKA Snippet Johnno Casson AKA Snippet
Album: Future Melancholy Pop Music
Label: Folkwit
Tracks: 15

There are some releases that have a time and the time for "Future Melancholy Pop Music" is most definitely now, sweeping in as bright and breezy as a spring day, but like a spring day, it can have a sting in its tail and the apparent optimism in the melody is delightfully counterpointed in the bittersweet narrative.

I have to be honest there is an artfulness to Johnno's work that doesn't always sit easily, there are times that you need to pay close attention as there are several things, that may seem contradictory, going on and you need to make sure you stick with the story arc, but doing that definitely brings reward, alternatively, you could just let the crafted pop aspects wash over you, it will definitely be up lifting, but you wouldn't be doing yourself or "Future Melancholy Pop Music" justice if you did and you're better than that. (I'm not trying to berate you here, but sometimes you have to put more in to get more out, but we are being conditioned to take instant gratification).

My mention earlier of Spring was deliberate, there are parts of this album that feel like days walking along the beach, ice cream in hand, then remembering the sharps hidden in the sand, but I don't want to give the impression that this is a negative album, "Future Melancholy Pop Music" has a great pop music element to it. The music and melody are positively delightful and despite the title, hark back to a time when pop wasn't a dirty word.

This if 15 slices of life set to music, the rough with the smooth, warts and all. This is an album that feels fun, an album that can be played from start to finish or just dipped into, one that you can allow to rush over you like the wind or hear to the words being carried in the breeze, the choice is yours, make of it what you will, but one thing you should do is enjoy it. In "Future Melancholy Pop Music", Johnno Casson AKA Snippet has created an album well worth listening to.

Neil King