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John Wort HannamJohn Wort Hannam
Album: Love Lives On
Label: Rebeltone
Tracks: 11

John Wort Hannam is Canadian singer-songwriter. Born in St Helier in the Channel Islands, he was raised in Alberta.

He started off as a school teacher but apparently turned to music after hearing Loudon Wainwright III in 1997.

Since then he's picked up a string of awards in Canada and released five albums.

The lively full-on production is particularly noticeable on simple but pithy songs like Over The Moon and the opening song Roll, Roll, roll with its nagging fiddle.

Labrador is more subtle but the title track is another full-on production number, with electric guitars chiming away. It's inoffensive but just too much for me.

Chasing the Song suffers from the intrusive introduction of brass which left me wondering what it added to an already tasty song.

There is some neat dobro on Man of God, which is all the better for its stripped back approach. John taught on a Native Indian reserve for five years and it is time served well if this is the result. Excellent.

Heart For Sale has a ragtime-feel and care-free production. There's more brass on Molly & Me. The final track, Good Nite Nova Scotia, is one of the best tracks to be found here. Strong vocals, positive guitar, with some nice fiddle on the outro.

This is an album that could be accused of being over-produced in places - there are sixteen artists credited here - but I think the songs are strong enough to stand on their own.

John Knighton