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John Richard John Richard
Album: Lost In Dublin
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 7

Two years after his debut, Blue Valley, John Richard is back with his second album. The partially crowd funded album is inspired by a trip to Ireland's Capital city where, alone and with no fixed agenda, he started to find the heart and soul of his next album.

It starts with a glorious cover of Rory Gallagher's I Fall Apart, with its heavy blues guitar and AN almost Van Morrison feel to it. His soulful vocals are perfect for the song. It provides an early highlight, but the track that stands out most comes nearer the end, with Black Church. The drum and bass drives it along with real menace, and it would sound perfectly at home on the soundtrack of a Quentin Tarantino film.

Richard's song writing is at times sublime, and the vocals are full of soul and character. It's an album full of pain, conflict and heartbreak, and Richard's voice is perfect for the subject. I Can't Help It in particular is full of passion, as is I Wish You'd Come With Me. Both are relatively slow blues numbers that work really well within the wider context of the album.

At only seven tracks this is not a long album, and it flies along at quite a pace. John Richard has surrounded himself with the cream of the Canadian east coast's best blues and folk musicians, including Marc Doucet, Keith Hallett, Carter Chaplin and Charlie Phillips. The talent on show shines throughout the whole album, making this an enjoyable listen you'll want to repeat.

Lost in Dublin is full of soul, and a really bluesy treat. Give it a listen.

Adam Jenkins