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Johanna Lillvik Johanna Lillvik
Album: Johanna Lillvik
Label: Paraply
Tracks: 5

Former singer with the Cirque De Soleil out in Tokyo, Swedish singer-songwriter Johanna Lillvik has returned home and has released her first EP. It's an interesting record, with a variety of styles and genres covered, and Lillvik has a very strong vocal style that powers its way through the five songs on offer here.

There is certainly something of the theatre or cabaret on display, perhaps not surprising given her background. Cinderella Stepsisters is a bluesy rock number driven forwards by Lillvik's piano as much as her vocals. Sadistic Love Song is a power ballad, full of heart, soul and voice, with an unsurprising dark core to it given the title. It Was A Day is hard to describe, very cabaret, but there's also a touch of pop to it that reminds me of American 90s group No Doubt. Her vocal range is quite similar at times to Gwen Stefani. Murky Waters is a jazzy little number, which ticks off another genre.

One Of These Days is probably the stand out track, with the transverse flute of Maria Ringsén sending it soaring in places, with Lillvik's strongest vocal performance matching it at every turn. It all leads to an ethereal contemporary pop delight.

Always interesting (if a little stagey at times), and worth listening to for One Of These Days Alone, it's not the easiest EP to track down, though it is available for download from Amazon. There is such variety in these five songs that frankly I'm fascinated to see what Lillvik would produce from a full length album. This could be the start of something very remarkable indeed.

Adam Jenkins