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Album: Joey Stuckey presents Ladies of the South
Label: Senate
Tracks: 12

Highly respected producer Joey Stuckey is the brains behind the Ladies of the South compilation, a showcase for female musicians from Macon, Georgia. A strong-willed attitude, powerful vocals and the sound of soft rock guitars unite these 12 tracks.

The impetus for the project came from the recording of the first song, What You See Ain't What You Get, by the Shadow Bandits featuring Sue Lu. Joey co-wrote the track with Charlie Hoskyns of The Popes, Will Morrison of Modern English and Paul McGuinness of The Pogues and needed someone with the attitude of Janis Joplin to sing it. Joey says Sue Lu was the perfect choice and it's a stirring declaration of independence for strong women.

The other tracks come from acts recorded by Joey over the past six years.

Danish Cookies Is My Name by Vanessa Moses is the most catchy and upbeat, with a cheeky attitude and Latin rhythms.

Another standout is Lately (Morning Dove, Mourning Sparrow) by Doc Henderson featuring Kim Meeks, about a woman watching her marriage fall apart and it stands a fair comparison to Rosanne Cash.

Stacy Hostler's Something More is beautifully sung with some heartfelt piano backing.

A welcome surprise - a collection of regional tracks from the States which avoid the clich├ęs of Americana.

Andy Nelmes