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Jim ChorleyJim Chorley
Album: Honest & True
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 4

How many songs do we endure which are born of money, bling and flagrant celebrity? Where would we be without these mantras of modern life? A lot further forward than we are today, some say. And so it is especially refreshing to hear new talent writing and celebrating life rooted in reality. Jim Chorley writes not to satisfy our escapist material fantasies but for the here and now, the grimy little planet we call home.

Jim Chorley, a singer songwriter from Eastleigh tells us more. His recent EP, Honest And True, is a collection of four original and personal songs conceived in open spaces but delivered in the maternity ward of the folk club and the intimate venue. Spaces which nurture talent not for money or fame, simply to celebrate the art of music with a message.

The title song, Honest And True is a simple offer born of decency, a promise to faithfulness in a relationship to endure the seasons. Seemingly old fashioned tenets today in our post-modern emotional landscape of ephemeral serial monogamy or polygamy.

All My Days dumps you unceremoniously in the head of the creative writer haunted by phrases which strive to gel into an originality the singer desperately seeks. The musical head-worm which will not sleep, the song seed which refuses to grow. Many words fall to the cutting floor, the grim reaper of creativity is merciless. From such tormented nurseries all good writing eventually emerges, blinking, into the bright noon sun, not quite believing I'm ready to face the scrutiny of the world.

Heaven Help Me is a winter song, ice on the fields, fire in my head. Run like the wind, blood on my hands. A self loathing of what I have become. An appeal for a higher power or at least another with power to rescue and forgive. Filled with metaphors of nature, the taste of earth, grit and a desperation relieved only by returning home to a place of warmth and safety.

Let It In is an appeal to let me in when the trade winds of life serve us ill. Our unworthy captain of bad ship ailing sails to a safe haven, seeking solace from the harbour mistress of forgiveness.

Jim Chorley's songs express a personal narrative, a quest for higher ground gained with the honest sweat and craftsmanship of the artisan musician. Finding spaces between words and rhymes is Jim's ever present strummed acoustic guitar giving his songs a presence to forge the link between sentiment and truth. Not the flashy complex solos refined by hours spent in a teenage bedroom but effective nevertheless, particularly for his chosen arena of performance as a solo folk artist.

Andi Cortez