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Jenny Lascelles Jenny Lascelles
Album: Backbone
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 10

Backbone is the long awaited follow up to Newcastle singer songwriter Jenny Lascelle's 2014,release,Fairy Lights. It was recorded an produced by Angus Lyon, mastered by Chris Waite at the intriguingly names Gran's House Studios and features ten new songs, all written by Jenny herself. She provides vocals and piano, Alasdair Paul adds guitar, Bev Morris double bass and bass guitar, Niles Kreiger fiddle and electric guitar, Tom Kimber mandolin and fender mandocaster and finally, Callum Younger contirbutes bodhran, cymbals, shaker and clicks. Clearly a very talented group of musicians, their assorted instruments add a wonderful sound to complement Jenny's beautiful vocals.

Lascelles covers a variety of sounds and subjects, making Backbone feel like something of a musical journey. The title track takes on a country edge and Summer Song has a warm weather feel about it. Possibly the longest song title I've yet encountered, The Girl Who Couldn't Sleep and The Boy Who Couldn't Speak, feels like a story set to music. Lady of Shallot is another narrative song. The intriguingly named -347 has a country blues sound and Birdsong has an almost ethereal sound and I love how her accent seeps through the lyrics. Very cleverly written is House on a Hill.

This is a strong collection of songs, which should appeal to lovers of all different kinds of music. Let's just put it in the 'should be heard' category and all give it a listen.

Helen Mitchell