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Jen LaneJen Lane
Album: This Life Of Mine
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 11

If the voice could manifest itself as an instrument, then Lane is a vintage Martin, in the hands of one of those old Nashville hands; the sort that has played with everyone, yet slinks in the background, making everyone they play for sound amazing. It's the voice that envelopes you, puts its warm hands round your soul and lifts you up.

Part Catlin Rose, part Musgraves, she's a strange dictomny, - a voice that has both a fashionable flourish and is old time cline in equal measure, a modern Rondstat maybe. The album is that also, a masterful blend of old school country soul (Waitin' for you) and odd ball quirky (1st day of Spring) with whistles, bells and Orleans jazz stylings - for this alone it is wonderful.

It's the range that steers your thinking that 5 albums in she is a special talent, and has done the spade work to ensure a decent foundation - Big Star's 13 is testament to this. The breath of her ability to turn to country, in all its forms, and join it, seamlessly into an album, bluegrass (My Man), red dirt country (Happy), even the Beatles (This life of mine), all are present, and the jumble of styles works. It's a refined, classical, elegant piece of work, that uses that wonderful glue, Lane's voice to stick it together.

Rudie Humphrey