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Jefferson Hamer Jefferson Hamer
Album: Alameda
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 8

Fairport vocalist Iain Matthews and the lilt of Loudon Wainwright III. His guitar has that rippling twang and flow of electric Richard Thompson. Tracks like the narrative 'Alameda' and 'Moving Day' are alive with the spirit of rural tinged American 70s rock like The Band, fore mentioned Louden or even Harvest era Neil Young.

Jefferson uses his warm voice and lyrical guitar to tell stories and paint human pictures. 'Vagabond' uses a surprising palette with Flute and Bass Clarinet joining Hamer's guitar and voice on a very Laurel Canyon track. 'Busker', with beautiful acoustic guitar is classic 70s singer songwriter with sweet harmonies on a nursery rhyme inspired lyric celebrating the plight of the street musician. 'Champlain' story tells in a very natural way, the call and response chorus evokes the warm chorus of a relaxed folk club.

John Fatum's effortless percussion and Dylan Seamus Foley's rich fiddle add to the laid back groove of this fine track. 'Vision' has a more electric vibe with an insistent 50s rock n roll picked guitar riff and a superb vocal from Jefferson. 'The Man In Love With Everyone' features a very English sounding resonant guitar that builds through the song till it rings and chimes at the end. 'Wolves' is an evocative atmospheric song, Jefferson's warm vocal starts dark and emotional before it surprises with a Cat Stevens la la la chorus. Throughout this track and the whole album it is Hamer's languid and lyrical guitar that is king.

Marc Higgins