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Jason RosenblattJason Rosenblatt
Album: Wiseman's Rag
Label: Self Release
Tracks: 13

The Canadian Council for the Arts appears to be doing a pretty good job, judging by all the fine musicians whose music reaches these shores.

According to the sleeve notes the Council invested $153 to bring arts to Canadians and we are reaping the rewards.

Jason Rosenblatt is one such musician who has benefitted. Wiseman's Rag is a collection of tunes, which sees Jason accompanied by Joe Grass (guitar), Joel Kerr (bass) and Evan Tighe (drums). Jason plays harmonica, piano, B3 organ, and sings.

The instrumental title track kicks off the album and it swings with the band really showing off their skills as Jason blows up a storm.

Indeed if you like your music to have beat and swing then this is for you. The instrumental Whazza allows the band to get cooking, with Jason leading the way before Joe Grass takes over on guitar.

Modern Life Blues is the first time we hear Jason sing - he's confident and clear. Even more so on the upbeat shuffle Cold Outside. But when sings about cold he means cold - 30 degrees below. Ouch!

You'll Miss Me sees Jason on the piano, where he shows he's no slouch. But it is on the harmonica where Jason excels. The excellent Waltz Querbes shows him at his best.

The CD notes ask for us to play the album at a "reasonable volume in order to appreciate the sound of this hi-fidelity recording".

I for one was more than happy to do so. The recording quality is spot on.

No more so on the instrumental Hutchison, which allows all and members to demonstrate their talents.

The music straddles the worlds of jazz and blues. This is by no means just an album of harmonica. No this is an album of fine music.

John Knighton