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Jason Eady Jason Eady
Album: Jason Eady
Label: Thirty Tigers
Tracks: 11

Six albums in Eady has redefined himself, established himself as a top draw artist, one of that new breed of 'proper' country artists, respecting the genre and doing it properly. His thing is to sooth your brow, beat the blues from your door, lift your spirits and just generally make you feel good - a modern day Don Williams.

This is slow paced, relaxed, kind, story teller country. Even the up tempo, old time stylings are joyous sun baked affairs. Some days you wake to the wireless and your world is in despair, not just the news but the pap and pish country ear splatter that's getting pumped out of music row; then you stray across Eady, Simpson, Isbel, Johnson and Stapleton, and you know, ok the world is a bit shitty but it's going to ok after all.

I was once an apprentice, and Eady's ability to encapsulate those apprentice years in song, and what it's like to be an apprentice, to make that transition from school boy to a man so succinctly, and what your mentor means to a young man at that age shows he's truly a special artist. '40 years' is the albums highlight, a deftness in the songwriters craft, subtle, graceful, it could be Willie Nelson. What is the biggest treat is his middle aged love ballads, and for all his blatant country influences, he has a lot Browne and Taylor, ideal for ballads for those finding grey hair and battling paunches.

It is an exceptional record, and it is doubtful there will be much better you'll hear this year.