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James SheadJames Shead
Album: A Light For The Fires
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 8

Spark ignited on breakout debut for gravel voiced singer-songwriter James Shead on 8 song "A Light For The Fires". A regular on the tidal music festival stages of home-town Looe, James having performed here since the festival started in 2011, cements his local notice further afield with regular support on BBC Introducing and sold out appearances in the capital.

Seemingly clever move, having swapped sticks for strings in 2008 to develop a stylish percussive lap tapping guitar trait which comes to the fore on opening album with 'Safe At Home'. Acoustic guitar augmented by talented collective of musicians providing regular band instrumentation, the addition of banjo and glockenspeil further complementing powerful vocals from James.

Long having foregone second guessing meaning behind a song 'Do It For The Money' proves early revelation that James is here for the long haul, opening his own heart to recount stories of his own experiences, the sharing of personal memories often displaying intimate scars 'Ghost' and 'Help Me Belong'.

Higher success and reward within grasp, there's a deceptive line in the lyric of 'Ghost', grab a copy of "A Light For The Fires"

Tony Wilding