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Jacob & DrinkwaterJacob & Drinkwater
Album: Live At Hope Hall
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 10

Tobias ben Jacob and Lukas Drinkwater make a stunning duo that really sticks out in the folk music scene. Their sound has a touch of classical music, partly due to Lukas' double bass playing using the bow a lot and partly due to Tobias' exquisite finger picking guitar style. Also, Tobias' vocals enforce the perception of their music being fragile pieces of art. Their harmonies are perfect and, for my taste, do deserve even more exposure on their recordings.

Their debut EP was already a real musical beauty but this live recording really is beyond all expectations. Just a double bass and an acoustic guitar and two vocals - how can they create so much diversity and tension in a row of 10 songs? The answer can only be found in their truly ingenious musicianship plus the synergetic effect of these two super talented people performing together: The whole is definitely more than the sum of its parts here.

Tobias' and Lukas' playing and singing melts into one amazing musical experience that the audience relishes. Releasing a live recording has been exactly the right thing to do. No backing band needed, no effects required, just these two and their audience. I am not going into any specific song - they are all lovely. Except for one that has not made it on to the album: "A Polyphonic Life" - I have missed that one a tiny little bit. But why moan when there are 10 great songs to be enjoyed.

Seeing these two live is certainly something extraordinary to look forward to…

Dagmar Brudnitzki