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Jack CadeJack Cade
Album: A Murder Of Crows
Label: Collision
Tracks: 12

Forsaking usual backing of the Everyday Sinners, Brighton based singer-songwriter Jack Cade growls across 12 songs often staring into dark abyss of loss, death, possession, depression, murder and drugs on solo debut "A Murder Of Crows". Digital edition includes 9 songs while CD release features 3 additional songs 'Devil's Hand', 'Clouds A Rollin' and The River' (Live).

Deliberating grim subjects with rasping vocal accompanied by Barbara Bartz on fiddle and Ben Cox-Smith on slide guitar. Finely constructed bluesy instrumentation providing welcome relief from the despair encountered. False sense of security with beautiful violin lure on 'Yella Green Grass' before hoarse vocal leaves it's stain. The morbid 'Dead Man's Shoes', 'Devil's Hand' and life of 'The Reading Crack Whore' completing signals of the bleak story-telling.

Rise from the depths in the knowledge that each song is in reality a diverse lesson on life's challenges, compassion resting at the heart of the recording, showing example of better times ahead.

Tony Wilding