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Jon Palmer Acoustic BandJon Palmer Acoustic Band
Album: Live At Otley Courthouse
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 12

Due to other commitments I am taking an extended sabbatical from reviewing. Just occasionally, however, my self imposed hibernation is interrupted by the arrival of a CD that is either so outstanding that it demands to be written about or by one that is a record (pun intended) of a very special event. Sometimes, as in this case, both criteria are met.

In February this year I was very disappointed to have to miss the concert that this CD was recorded at - not only because the JPAB were headlining but also because the excellent a capella trio Yan Tan Tether were the supporting artists at the superb Otley Courthouse venue.

The songs played on the night were mostly taken from the JPAB most recent studio recording 'Where The Mountains Meet the Sea' with a trio of covers (a turbo injected 'Dirty Old Town', a creditable Meet On the Ledge' and a solo showcasing 'Pay Me My Money Down') serving as finale and encores.

Along with the opening Brown Eyed Girl / London Town segue, other stand out tracks are the sadly still too relevant 'Eton Mess' and 'Working For The Gangmaster' - the latter of which features the audience in fine voice during the final chorus. The Otley based 'Another Friday Night in A Northern Town' also proves to be a hit with the audience and features the aforementioned Yan Tan Tether on backing vocals.

Playing and vocals are exemplary throughout as expected and the recording has caught the live atmosphere and crowd reaction well. Inevitably, listening to the CD is not quite the same as being at what was clearly a superb gig but it is certainly the next best thing.

Joe Grint