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Album: Live At Morningstar
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 11

This is a strong well rehearsed and lovingly produced body of work. From the songwriting all the way through the performance to the final production the quality just drips from my speakers.

It's a brave move recording a live performance but in the case of "Live at Morning Star" it was a good one. You can hear the quality of the performance and sense the atmosphere created by Jack and Craig not forgetting "Thundersticks".

It's easy for songwriters of a certain vintage to sit back and coast through an album but not these guys. The songs are fresh, dynamic and the album, although 11 tracks long, trips along with an essence of not just wanting to hear more but also to catch these guys live.

With nodding acknowledgement to performers such as Willy Nelson and Tom Petty, Idlewheel still manage to carve out a special furrow in that field with their songwriting, performance, close harmonies and perfectly worked solos. Great job!

Nick Tann