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Ian Prowse Ian Prowse
Album: Town & Country Blues
Label: IRL
Tracks: 1

A taster from the new solo album by enigmatic songwriter and musician Ian Prowse - yes, he of Pele and Amsterdam fame. And no stranger to success either with major labels Polydor / M&G Records with hits all around the world from Europe to South Africa.

And it is, to some extent, that far flung worldwide success that has led to Prowse's latest album "Companeros", from which this track, "Town & Country Blues", is taken. The album was originally inspired by the idea behind Springsteen's breathtaking "Seeger Sessions" concept, but grew swiftly from just a collection of songs into a bona-fide sprawling reflection of all the great music that Ian had heard along the way during his musical journey on the highways and byways of these islands during the past 25 years. They have their provenance in the many musical comrades he has met down the years (hence the album's title).

"Town & Country Blues" is an 'everything and the kitchen sink' approach that in this instance works like a dream. Driving acoustic guitar, funkier-than-thou horns, strident lead vocal and a ridiculously simple yet catchy chorus. It's all there. Like a mariachi band on amphetamines. And there at the head of it all, stands Ian Prowse who sounds like he's having an absolute ball.

This single will be sure to act as a potent lure for those who haven't yet availed themselves of the afore-mentioned "Companeros" long player.

Ken Brown