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Honey Island Swamp BandHoney Island Swamp Band
Album: Demolition Day
Label: RUF
Tracks: 11

The Honey Island Swamp Band hail from New Orleans. Demolition Day is their fourth studio album.

How Do You Feel is a great opener with its intoxicating blend of guitar and piano, with a slice of sax thrown in for good measure.

The sound is very authentic, the band wanted to record on two-inch tape to get the old analogue feel. Plus when you add that it was recorded in four days you have an album that has a great immediacy about it.

Head High Water Blues has an Allman Brothers feel about it, with its slide guitar and funky beat. New Orleans is known for being a melting pot of music - the band were brought together through the terrible devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, which ripped through the city. They found themselves in San Francisco and joined forces.

Now it's ten years and a thousand gigs down the line and this album is testament to this hard-working outfit.

No Easy Way is a slower but tasty song with slide guitar and organ and horns. The production is most definitely no-frills and this album sounds just great.

There is something here for most people, soaring guitars, haunting organ, delicate piano and crisp drums - and then there's those horns.

The sound is very Little Feat - which is just fine by me. The band say they think it will appeal to lots of musical tastes and I have to agree. I particularly liked the bouncy She Goes Crazy.

It's not all crash and boom - the mainly acoustic Katie is a case in point - a lilting love song that shows the delicate side to this fine band.

So if you like tasty music that deserves to be played loud then this is one American band that have got the right recipe for you.

John Knighton