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Honey & The Bear Honey & The Bear
Album: About Time Too EP
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 5

Honey & The Bear's second EP "About Time Too" is soul soothing and heart-warming. It's a must on any EPs of the year list.

Lucy Sampson has long been on my radar as one of my favourite female vocalists. I just love her voice. It's warm and clear but never sharp, it's soft but can be really powerful too - and she navigates it exactly the way she wants it to sound. I am always amazed by her singing. But with Jon Hart she has found the perfect singing partner that lets her voice sparkle even more. Jon, just like Lucy, has been a solo artist himself for many years but likewise, in this duo he can bring in hall his talents to the full. He is a fascinating guitarist with a lovely and interesting finger picking style, he is also excellent on the double bass. These two complement each other in an absolute perfect way. Being just two people their sound is a perfect band sound as they cover so many instruments, a kick drum is of course never missing either!

The songs on this EP are just so comforting and full of hope and loveā€¦.these two don't preach, they write about love and both radiate love so authentically on stage like I have not often experienced before. Everyone feels wrapped in by their music and their lyrics, just like they sing in "Ocean": "And in the dark I'll find you, wrap my arms around you. When you think hope is lost I'll let my love surround you." Just gorgeous. I don't hear many lines on love that speak to me - these lines do. "Pick it up" is an equally lovely love song with some beautiful introductory guitar work and a really groovy bass and percussion driven rhythm - marvellous. "William" and "Jack" are brilliant story telling modern folk tunes. Honey & The Bear mix traditional folk elements and their very own, modern, sometimes even pop driven styles, in a truly appealing way.

Lucy Sampson and Jon Hart self-produced the EP. The result is a 5 track piece of art that appears like a whole and perfect body with its necessary parts rather than some pieces randomly added to each other. Its sound is natural and transparent, no effects seem to have changed the songs into anything else but what they would sound like performed live.

I can't wait for Honey & The Bear's first full length album.

Dagmar Brudnitzki