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Henry Senior Jnr Henry Senior Jnr
Album: Plates Of Meat
Label: Maiden Voyage
Tracks: 8

In the 1990's I supplemented my meagre student income by surfing the Acid Jazz and Funk reawakening as a DJ. All Adidas trainers and white jeans whilst pretending to be Jamiroquai. This record from a new label from Danny Champ (and his pedal steel player) would have slotted roundly in my set.

Its phat, funky, Blaxploitation jams and high class soul filled tunes make a white brother want to dance. There is a plethora of 'Picking up the Pieces' joints - always a floor filler - Eddie Piller or Giles Peterson would have been proud of. The title track with its Maceo Parker horn break leaves me slipping on some tassel fronted loafers and breaking in to the running man.

There are a couple of stage fillers too, you know the sort of thing, an old time country gal would leave the band to jam, whipping off the stage for a change of frock, often the set highlight, as they are here. It's an odd record, but its instrumental charm lies in this peculiarity, 70's style Stevie Wonder jams, pedal steel funk outs, jazzy flourishes, old skool American cop chase montages - all are here. As a label it'll be interesting to see where they go next, an album destined to make radio jocks sound good I'm sure as it'll provide numerous 'beds' - but importantly phat is back, and thank 'ph' for that.

Rudie Humphrey