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Henry Parker Henry Parker
Album: Sightlines EP
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 5

Sightlines is the latest EP released by Bingley based young folk guitarist and singer Henry Parker, it's an eclectic mix of traditional and self penned material.

It starts with "Here's The Tender Coming" a trad song you might be familiar with through the recordings of Dave Burland, Jez Lowe, the Unthanks or the recitals from many other local North East musicians. "It'll have to be special" you think to come even close to those you are familiar with.

It is. Henry Parker offers a unique talent in that he has a beautifully clear and precise finger picking acoustic guitar style that provides both warmth and tone. It demands to be listened to. This isn't background folk club music, or filler, it's quite simply gorgeous.

Not that he restricts himself to the folk genre, "The Butcher's Boy" a traditional murder ballad is arranged for the electric guitar, in Parker's hands it's mellow and jazzy. Initial thoughts bring back the work of that great American guitarist Leo Kottke.

A self-penned instrumental, the title track, offers a DADGAD tuning and would sit aside the 60's / 70's recordings of Bert Jansch or indeed the early Fairport style of Richard Thompson.

From the past to the present day, "Down The Line" is a political commentary on the lies that were distributed in the run up to the EU referendum.

And to close, a pair of trad tunes shifted for the electric guitar, slow and atmospheric.

Henry Parker on this showing has a bright future

Ian Cripps