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Harri Endersby Harri Endersby
Album: Mazes
Label: Ivy Crown
Tracks: 9

Harri Endersby is a songwriter and musician whose music blurs the lines of the Folk genre, drawing on both contemporary and more traditional music. This started on HOME / LIVES her 2017 debut and I'm pleased to say continues through MAZES Harri's striking but soothing 2019 release. The album draws on Endersby's passion for her surroundings in the North East of England and her links to the Isle Of Harris. With some tracks written on Harris, Harri has brought a sense of that back through field recordings woven into the album. She is joined again by Rich Marsh who Co produces, with performers also including Ciaran Algar, Toby Shaer and Ian Stevenson.

Harri on "Mountainside" has the stripped back purity of early Joni Mitchell, solo or layered her voice is superb. "Breathe" is a little more reflective with Harri's pure voice over a electric drum and sophisticated washes of instruments and electronics. "Golden Hair" is voice, guitar and simple strings, sophisticated and carefully controlled with Harri delivering beauty in each nuance and word. "Mazes" continues the intimate feel with that voice centre stage over atmospheric fretboard squeaks, simple percussion and a atmospheric piano. This is like The Blue Nile doing acoustic singer songwriter. "Glow" is a more upbeat bubbling love song. "Small Birds" is another intimate piece, atmospheric and beautifully recorded, a layered vocal over chiming acoustic guitar builds to a powerful close. It sounds like sonic notes from a woodland walk, which leads needs nicely into "Isla", opening with recorded birdsong and a guitar motif that nods to The Beatles "Blackbird". The expansive celtic Whistles and flutes lift the spirit too. "Flight" an explorarion of everyone's desire to fly and make everything look small, has another captivating vocal, and beautiful guitar part, there is something of that emotional melancholy to Harri, like Josienne Clark she does it so well. Like "Isla" "Close To Home" uses tapes to great effect, opening with wave noise and the sound of the song being played on a small radio. The song is all chiming pop electric guitars over skittering folkier drums and a singalong chorus on this bright, upbeat joyous of a closer as a returning Harri examines every stone of home.

This is a more intimate album than HOME / LIVES, but with sake striking songs, stunning vocals and enveloping soundscapes. Dive in deep, listen and enjoy.

Marc Higgins