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Granny's Attic Granny's Attic
Album: Wheels Of The World
Label: Grimdon
Tracks: 10

Granny's Attic are lively spirited traditional folk disciples, showing that the legacy of Folk Club heroes like Peter Bellamy, Nic Jones, Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick is a rude health. "Wheels Of The World" is a slightly surreal examination of the 19th European Political Landscape. The social bite is tempered by find playing and some superb vocal harmonies from the trio.

Anyone needing an indication of the relevance of folk music as social comment needs to listen to this track. "Ship In Distress" is a standout piece of Psych Folk, the Carthy like guitar and Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne's barbed vocals make the piece crackle with audible tension, again the group vocals are glorious. Like the best of Carthy and Swarbrick, or early Steeleye Span this is hairs on the back of the neck music. Sharp musicianship too on "Dove's Figary / Robins" with Cohen's Melodeon, George Sansome's guitar and Lewis Wood's violin twining beautifully. Sweet and uplifting are George's singing and guitar on "What I Saw In My Dream As I Slept In My Chair". Again much of the songs lines about the trials of the 19th Century worker resonant today. "Banks Of Green Willow" is a dark tale of seafaring misadventure and superstition sung in fine voice by Cohen. "Gilderoy" was a 17th century Scottish outlaw, made famous by street ballads. The lyric was sanitised and pruned in the 19th century, here somewhat at odds with George's sweet delivery it is presented unpruned.

Another spirited album highlight is the band's version of the often collected "The Highwayman". I knew it as "adieu adieu" off Eliza Carthy's 1998 RED RICE set. "Fenland" is proof that the trio can do misty beguiling slow tunes as well as rousing dancing numbers, with this simply stunning slow number. It would be easier to list the traditional performers who haven't covered the cautionary "Our Captain Cried All Hands". Granny's Attic's version is slow and potent with spot on solo vocal from George accompanied by the trio.

Sean Lakeman's production and recording is a delight, presenting them live in your living room on WHEELS OF THE WORLD, capturing the spark and warmth of Granny's Attic.

Marc Higgins