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Glenn Frey Glenn Frey
Album: Above The Clouds
Label: UMC
Tracks: 41 + DVD

Glenn Frey passed away in January 2016 but has left a quite remarkable musical legacy. Along with his friend and fellow Eagle, Don Henley, he has helped to write, sing and produce some of the best music of the last 40 years. This mammoth collection which also includes a DVD showcases his solo career and is a must for all fans of the Eagles and Glenn.

His distinctive voice and delivery are well known to fans of the Eagles but some of his solo offerings may be less so. His diversity of vocals is to be envied. Equally at home with Country, Rock or Crooning, Glenn has proved to be an immensely versatile artist.

This three album boxset is broken up into three distinct areas. The first being "The Best Of Glenn Frey" which features many of his solo hits recorded after the original breakup of the Eagles in 1980. The second explores his softer side and includes a fabulous version of "The Shadow Of Your Smile" which amply demonstrates his musical and vocal prowess. The third one highlights his early musical collaboration, around 1969, with J D Souther who went on, with Glenn, to write many songs for the Eagles.

The DVD is taken from a live concert at the National Stadium in Dublin recorded in September 1992.

There is no point in describing each track on these albums as it would not only get very boring but it would take up an inordinate and unnecessary amount of space. Suffice to say that it is difficult to imagine a better tribute to a fantastic artist.

I am a big fan of the Eagles and rate them amongst the top 5 bands of all times. What I believe will surprise many people is Glenn's approach to the softer side of music which he demonstrated beautifully in his 2012 album "After Hour" which contained a number of well known standards. Many of the songs on that album are included here and will give listeners a close up to Glenn's maturing choice of music in keeping with his increasing age. He shows here that he can croon along with the best of them.

Glenn may have moved on to a higher plain but his music will go on forever! This stunning box set will hopefully show fans and new listeners alike what a real musical maestro is all about.

Rory Stanbridge