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Gina HorswoodGina Horswood
Album: Porcelain
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 12

Porcelain is described as being made of strong material, with pleasing colours,refined sculptures and delicately textured, this description sits very well with Gina Horswood's brand new release' Porcelain '

Horswood has been on a long journey for one so young, having topped the Country music charts in her native Australia with her sister as the duo ' Horswood ' and then embarking on a nomadic round the world trip, landing in Europe just as her first solo release hit the charts at home, a short stay in Nashville followed with a resulting EP release ' The Nashville Sessions ' the journey then culminating in a move to Canada which she now calls home.

Emerging from the Canadian shadows in July 2015, Gina was the winner of the first Collingwood Live & Original music series - a Southern Ontario competition which " Celebrates finding musical creativity and innovation at the grass-roots level " proving you can't keep a talented artist down. After the win she went into the Studio with Canadian producer Andre Wahl ( Luke Doucet, Amy Sky and Shania Twain ) and pulled in musicians Tom & Sly Juhas ( Jadea Kelly ), Rich Levesque ( Blue Rodeo , Melissa McClelland ) and Robbie Grunwald ( Jill Barber, Coco Love Alcorn ).

Porcelain is the triumphant result of the experiences of world travels, mixing the country / roots ' bed ' she was noted for lying in and adding a hint of gospel and blues stylisations that she's been drawn towards since moving to North America, Horswood is certainly in the pocket with hooky lines and catchy rhythms backed up with musicians producing delicate textures and rich sounds to full effect, as can be found on the wonderfully atmospheric and earthy ' Polka Dot Bows ' and the inspiring ' Don't Let Life Take The Good Out Of You ' the latter producing a southern church choir like ending that surely would raise anyone in the congregation up from their pew to exclaim their salvation.

The theme throughout seems to be strength and vulnerability, the fitting journeys end is the anthemic title track ' Porcelain ' which carries a strong message and is a thoroughly uplifting experience, the reprise is extremely clever, it had me standing up to be counted.

It is a marked move in direction from her last releases, but considering the journey, life experiences and melting pot of musical styles encountered along the way, Horswood successfully harnesses it all, adds her own ingredients and has produced an extremely colourfully pleasing recording.

A Southern Comfort on the rocks please bartender, I'm sitting back for another listen !

Stevie Connor