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Gary Fulton Gary Fulton
Album: Waterfalls & Waves
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 10

Words of warning from Gary Fulton come couched in some great pop tunes. While he might sound like an Old Testament prophet at times on Waterfalls and Waves he certainly writes some catchy music.

Black Moon has a jangly guitar, Beatles melody backed by a Motown stomp. Gary’s cheery delivery masks the voice of doom nature of the lyrics ‘Remember that time is stolen day by day’.

With Barren Lands the music is a bit more grungy and it may be describing an apocalyptic landscape or is a warning about climate change and desertification.

Reverence, faith and the beauty of the natural world all feature in Northern Lights. The tune sounds a bit like Guy Clark’s Instant Coffee Blues meets Toto’s Africa.

You Got No Soul is a great insistent New Wave tune – a natural single.

Sinners are the target of Words of Scorn. ‘Ain’t no use going on the run’, warns Gary. Similarly I Didn’t Know You Were King is a condemnation of arrogance.

The message of Aurora Borealis is that redemption is in your hands, there is a shining light in the darkness, shelter from the storm, and the chance to refresh your soul.

Gary has some great backing from producer and multi-instrumentalist Ian Scanlan, Jen Ogle, Nadzjaia Kolodjieski and Deborah Roberts.

Andy Nelmes