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Gareth Lee & Annie BaylisGareth Lee & Annie Baylis
Album: Future Writer
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 4

Gareth Lee and Annie Baylis form a perfect and special duo that we will definitely hear more of. They have that certain something about them that makes them special. His warm baritone and her clear but never sharp soprano voice build a superb mixture of vocal sounds, accompanied by his guitar and her viola/ accordeon. Their performance creates a genuine, natural, authentic sound that is refreshing. On this 4 track EP "Future Writer" this is being displayed wonderfully, added by some additional guitar, piano, drum and bass work.

This is their second EP, a collection of 4 wonderful, 4 perfect songs. Every song just sounds natural and effortless and somehow relaxed in the best possible way. Track 3, "House by the Sea" is an instrumental, quite surprisingly, yet very suiting. Their musicianship gets room to unfold in this song especially but also in each of the other tracks. All of them leave space for every note to enfold and for the lyrics to be heard. The clarity of the arrangements make the sound transparent and fresh. I think we can expect more great things to come.

Dagmar Brudnitzki