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Fraser AndersonFraser Anderson
Album: Under The Cover Of Lightness
Label: Membran
Tracks: 11

Builder and kitchen worker two of plied various trades experienced in a decade spent living with his young family in Leran a tiny village located within the Ariege region of France. Sharing his love of music with the locals further immersing Fraser in the world of folk music. An affair which begun as teen in his native Scotland, early roots as hip-hop performer and drummer with crossover on jazz-influenced learnings of keyboard and bass.

2007 album 'Coming Up For Air' gaining attention from Bob Harris, who invited Fraser to record two sessions for his BBC Radio 2 show (a third BBC set recorded with Natalie Merchant as part of Celtic Connections). Bob Harris among a number of BBC broadcaster's showing early appreciation of 2012's self released 'Little Glass Box' (reissued by Membran late 2014).

'Under The Cover Of Lightness' recorded late 2015 in Wiltshire's Real World Studio's (facility conceived by Peter Gabriel and also home to Womad) as result of successful crowdfunding campaign after 2014 return to the UK.

The opener 'Simple Guidance' with it's easy listening jazz-pop musing reflecting his own early influence boasts addition of wonderful double bass and trumpet. Fraser's younger self continually revisited throwing good measure of trip-hop/rap on 'With You All', which I find as not a fan of either working surprisingly well. The first of two part 'Go On Wide' this time imbued with a techno beat, the latter a minimalist offering utilising bird song and subtle Gilmour inspired guitar lines which also inhabit the later intimate 'Feel'.

Downbeat twist in almost apologetic 'Please Let This Go' and string laden 'The Wind And The Rain' embellished with restrained keys. Forlorn strings also find place in 'Crying From My Heart' on left-field body of work, a modern approach gracefully resting in strange home for musician now based in Bristol.

Tony Wilding