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Florence JoelleFlorence Joelle
Album: Life Is Beautiful If You Let It
Label: Zoltan
Tracks: 10

This is the third album from Florence Joelle, a Paris-born London-based singer who weaves a seamless journey through jazz and blues.

From the opening Angel's Child, the band is on top form providing a great backing to Florence 's tender and smoky vocals.

There are four non-original songs covered here, all of them sound like classics, such as Si Tu Savais, with its lovely gypsy jazz guitar accompaniment

The title track highlights Florence's delicate, clear vocals with a simple backing featuring some beautiful flute.

Sleepy Eyes, another original, gives guitarist Thierry Courault plenty of scope to display his magical talent and bassist Ian Marcus chips on with a cool break.

Chez Moi swings along really nicely with some great clarinet and guitar, the bluesy One Step Forward, Two Steps Back features Florence on harmonica as does Two and Two Don't Take Five, which also has some funky organ.

Here Comes the Lady is a sassy up-temp tempo number with some marvellous trombone from James Lawrence. Johnny Tu N'es Pas Un Ange is the third song sung in French and swings along just great.

The final track, Wake Up Swinging, is a lovely relaxed groove, featuring Matt Jackson on drums and more stunning guitar

This is a wonderful slinky jazz-infused album which smoulders away beautifully - yes Life Is Beautiful when it sounds as good as this.

John Knighton