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Flaming JuneFlaming June
Album: In Pursuit Of Happiness
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 5

I'm not sure if there's a word that means, imagining that you've written a review when you haven't, if there isn't, there is now, revnesia, and I seem to have been suffering from it a lot lately. I just hope it's not infectious.

Case in point, Flaming June's "In Pursuit Of Happiness", absolutely convinced I'd done a write up of it end of last year, apparently not. It's not like it's the subconscious trying to send something you've heard and wished you hadn't to the dark recesses of the mind, hopefully never to return, this a release I very much championed through my radio show, yet somehow didn't manage to get between chair and keyboard.

Flame haired dynamo front person of the band, Louise Eatock, lead singer, guitarist, is one of the strongest writers of songs around the politics and rights of the individual out there. Songs such as "Freedom's Fairytales For Girls" succinctly makes the point that it's often the charmers that are the real bastards, the ones looking to manipulate and control. The ones who subtly undermine and take away confidence whilst trying to make you look at the boogie man elsewhere and before you know it, you're in an abusive relationship. Coincidently a deception that works on a national scale as well as a personal one.

Unlike a lot of purveyors of this type of songs, Flaming June, put them in a folk rock setting that take them away from seeming waif like and into the realms where you feel this could happen to anyone, a point brought up by another song on this five track EP, "Dopamine Oxytoxin".

The song rapidly shows that you don't need a degree in chemistry to get it's point, small amounts of natural chemicals released in the body can have a profound impact, press the right buttons and the appropriate reaction can be delivered and it can be difficult to overcome.

If that all sounds a bit depressing, it's where Eatock, really shows her command of songwriting because these are songs you want to listen to time and time again and that's because they are delivered with a real passion and belief, these are not preachy songs, these are powerful thought out songs in a folk pop backing that score high on musicality as well as narrative.

Neil King