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Fiona KennedyFiona Kennedy
Album: Time To Fly
Label: Pixie
Tracks: 12

This is most certainly a first for me; reviewing an album from an artist that has been awarded the OBE for her work in music and charities! Fiona is a singer, songwriter, broadcaster and producer of stage plays. She has appeared in numerous television programmes and has sung for both The Queen and The Royal Family on many occasions. With all these things going on I am surprised she has found the time to release a new album, but she has and it is an absolute delight.

Fiona has a wonderfully soothing voice which, when combined with her songwriting talents, makes for an excellent musical package. It is worth reading her biography to see what an accomplished lady, not just a musician, Fiona really is. Inspirational is a word that comes to mind!

"Time To Fly" is an eclectic mix of pop, folk, country and Scottish Traditional music. Some of the songs have been written by Fiona in collaboration with other artists including Marcus Hummon, Ross Wilson, Nils Elders and Calum MacColl who not only plays on the album but also produced it. "Who Would Have Thought" was co-written with and features one of my favourite artists, the wonderful Beth Nielsen Chapman.

Calum has done a superb job on the production of the album where the backing always works in total harmony with Fiona's voice which, as you would expect, is perfectly suited to the tracks on offer here.

Three tracks that perfectly describe the mix of music on the album are "Always On My Mind," "Trail Of The Survivor," and "Christ Child Lullaby." The first of these tracks was arguably made famous by Elvis Presley although he was not the first singer to release it. Fiona's version is nothing like Elvis's version and is much the better for it. The second was written by Scotland's Dougie McClean and I am sure that he will be very pleased with this cover of his song. The third is a traditional love song which, for me at least, evokes a beautiful picture of the Scottish Highlands.

"I Am Whole" is a stunningly beautiful track written by Susan George and Debbie Wiseman. This is followed by "Not My Baby Anymore" with its subtle harmonies and story of lost love.

Although I had heard of Fiona Kennedy before, I have never really listened to her music prior to receiving this CD. I now realise what I have missed and will certainly make up for lost time after listening to and thoroughly enjoying this delightful album.

Rory Stanbridge