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Fierce Flowers Fierce Flowers
Album: Mirador
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 12

Fierce Flowers are an acoustic bluegrass trio, with playing and harmonies that recall The Be Good Tanyas. What is surprising, if you put much stead by the connection between music and its landscape, is that they hail from Paris not the Appalachian Mountains. 'Aparisian' music then. "Song To The Open Road" an 1856 poem by Walt Whitman, is a kind of statement of intent, set to a knotty upbeat tune by the trio. The lead vocal is thoughtful and slightly melancholic, the band harmonies give it wings, The Staves style. With a beautiful violin and double bass intro "Mirador", with french lyrics, is passionate and atmospheric. There is a Cafe Jazz style to Léo Divary's guitar and Julia Zech's fiddle. "Tell Me No" pushes the envelope with powerful a icappella vocals and harmonies, like Watford's The Staves.

Captivating too is the very physical sounding percussive beat, driving home the dark lyric. "La Corde" is a feel food song, driven by an accordion like motif on the fiddle. "Thorny Path" has a beautifully plaintive lead vocal and star performances by Julia Zech's eldritch fiddle and Shushan Kerovpyan's double bass that contrast perfectly with the light as air trio vocals.. "Cette Ronde" is an ear worm guitar motif, sweet country wordless chorus vocals and a spirited french vocal lead. "Deux Pierres Noires" is a rich a capella piece, three voices together, paired or alone, conjure the feel of The Silly Sisters, June Tabor and Maddy Prior, twinning their voices together. "Belle Parrese" has a lighter touch, with the feel of a graceful dance. "Tell Me Lies" and "How To Fly" are emotional country masterpieces, sad lyrics and the aching sound of the fiddle and guitar, carried by the bounce of the trio backing vocals. There is a beauty in the sound and spectacle on these tracks and "Scéne De Danse, of three voices in unison crowded round one microphone. "Underwear In A Letter" is a mournful separation song, with a twist, brief and sharp, like a real life haiku with a happy ending.

This is hybrid music, a cross pollination of Americana, Bluegrass and acoustic music hot housed in Paris has created a fine crop of fiercely good flowers.

Marc Higgins