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Ferguson and FergusonFerguson and Ferguson
Album: Some Bridges
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 6

Two great voices steeped in the country tradition with the same name. What are the chances? Gary Alan Ferguson and Gary Gene Ferguson from Pennsylvania and Virginia respectively share a love of songwriting that encapsulates Old Timey, Americana and Bluegrass with a modern contemporary edge. A sound that immediately stops you in your tracks.

Ferguson and Ferguson's new release 'Some Bridges' is a collection of five original songs and one classic wrapped up in a neat, slick production by George Hodgkiss at Phoenix Productions in Browntown, Virginia.

The opening title track bursts out of the starting blocks with superb vocals and guitar work from Gary Alan Ferguson and classy fiddle playing from Ron Stewart. This is exactly what every good Bluegrass song should make you feel from it's opening refrain - Joyful!

Gary Gene replies with a stunning song 'Henry Hill' which he wrote with Irish songwriter Shane Sullivan. It shows the influence of his constant trips to the Emerald Isle with it's beautiful country melody entwined with the theme of war and the sadness of the author writing a letter from the battlefield.

'Chase away the Blues' ticks all my boxes especially with a hint of the late Dan Hicks and it once again marks Gary Alan as one of the finest and respected guitar pickers in the USA.

'Love in the Dark' finally takes the collection in the right direction with both singers prov-ing how well they work together vocally. A song typical of Gary Gene's collection and one that marks him out as a serious songwriter.

The contemporary quality of Gary Gene's voice and writing on 'I'm Still here' adds anoth-er layer to this lovely recording and even though my preference is to hear more original songs 'Walking Boss' manages to merge the two Gary's styles. This classic song allows us to take a gentle pickin' stroll along the fretboard, winding and reminding us how tal-ented this duo are.

David Dee Moore