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Album: The Journey Continues - Fellside At 40
Label: Fellside
Tracks: 57

Before reading this review any further you need to ask yourself two questions. 1. Do I like folk music? 2. Do I like getting value for money? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then read on. If not, then have a nice day!

This triple album seems at first glance to have a variety of titles. "The Journey Continues" being one appearing on the cover and each of the three CDs has its own title too. "The Long & Winding Road is the title of the first CD. "Are We There yet" (how many parents have heard that?) is the title of the second and "A Bit of a detour" brings up the rear. The album could just as easily have been entitled "A journey through the sounds of British Folk music."

This album follows on from the previously successful album "LANDMARKS" released ten years ago to celebrate thirty years of the label. Two of the current CDs contain a selection of music from Fellside records released over the last ten years, and, in the case of the third CD, some personal favourites from the owners of the label. Advertised as being the cost of a single album, this represents amazing value for money.

I have to admit that folk is not my favourite genre of music so this is an ideal collection for me to listen to and learn to appreciate the different sounds and artists involved within the folk industry. With 59 tracks and a host of artists with virtually no duplication, this is the perfect album to learn from. Containing traditional folk music, instrumentals, bands and a bit of poetry, it genuinely caters for all tastes.

I also have to admit that I have not previously heard of many of the artists although I am certain that aficionados of the genus will not have the same problem.

With this number of performers, it is both almost impossible and somewhat unfair to pick out any favourites although I do have a couple. Suffice to say that one has the distinct sound of The Eagles, very poignant as this is the week that Glenn Frey died.

As a representation of British Folk music, this is an outstanding album and a certain hit with all fans of this type of music and, as I stated before, incredible value for money.

Rory Stanbridge

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