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Ewan McLennan & George Monbiot Ewan McLennan & George Monbiot
Album: Breaking The Spell Of Loneliness
Label: Fellside
Tracks: 9

This is an important subject today, sadly, and I was apprehensive, when this album landed on my mat, that it would fail in it’s attempt to raise the subject. Either by making it dreary and hard to listen to, or not representing the subject effectively. I need not have worried. Ewan and George have produced a narrative of great empathy with examples, reasons and solutions that give it a positive feel that engenders a determination to help.

Individually the songs are well crafted and Ewan's voice and beautiful accent give weight to George’s already powerful lyrics. Ewan's own contributions lyrically are no less powerful and the musical accompaniment by Ewan, Lauren MacColl, Sid Goldsmith, Donald Shaw and Beth Porter is beautiful. Each song stands alone as a window into the individual aspects covered. They are all, bar one, basically written by Ewan and George (with some music by Rod Sinclair). The exception is ‘We Shall Overcome’ a track derived from an old hymn which, as the final track, becomes an anthemic rallying call.

Liz Franklin