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Eric Bogle with John Munro Eric Bogle with John Munro
Album: Voices
Label: Greentrax
Tracks: 12

Eric may have retired from touring, but he's still making records, and even after several decades in the business - 27 years with Greentrax - he's still coming up with memorable new songs. Voices is Eric's latest collection, and like its predecessor (2013's A Toss Of The Coin) is a joint billing with his collaborator of 35 years John Munro. John contributes signature guitar and mandolin backing throughout, and lead vocals on the pair of songs he wrote for the album including its anthemic title track.

The dozen tracks on this CD contain eight new Bogle creations, which run the customary gamut of Eric's world vision, from deep nostalgia (The List - of everything he misses about Scotland after living 47 years in Australia), reflective philosophy (Heartland), enigmatic fairy-tale (Once Upon A Time) and justified anger in passionate pacifism (First The Children) through to laconic comedic commentary (When I'm Dead). A Fork In The Road is an affectionate tribute to John Munro himself, while Breakup examines a decidedly non-cordial relationship crisis The expression of political consciousness figures large on Freedom Lost, whose premise is based on the famous "First they cameā€¦" quotation by German pastor Martin Neimoller.

The remaining two tracks are "external" contributions: Ballad For Billy, by Simon Wilkins, chronicles an organ donor's legacy, whereas Farewell To Fitness is a flippant (one might say somewhat Bogle-esque) ditty penned by the album's producer Pete Titchener, which (if I'm honest) has the air of a disc filler. The CD was recorded in the studio in Adelaide, with the help of a small band of trusty musicians who keep the faith with apt and tastefully controlled accompaniments.

David Kidman