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Emma KingEmma King
Album: Emma King
Label: Great British Songwriting Company
Tracks: 10

You get the feeling that the world is about to wake up to a world with Emma King firmly established in it, it'll feel like she's been here forever, we'll forget about the fact that she's new. Much like we did when Sheryl Crow first turned up, and there is much similarity between the two. Quirky enough to standout, slightly off beat, fabulously produced, a sharp powerful voice, soulful, and beautiful - King truly has it all.

She does an exquisite country, soul, pop mash, just enough Top 40 to make her a Radio 2 favourite. It's Alisha's Attic wonky, soul'ish Anastasia, and a strand of Swift's country DNA, there really is nothing not to like. What you really notice is how much musicianship is in the record (especially the terrific guitar) is so fine. Normally debuts are hamstrung by cost, rushed in an eagerness to share with the world, too keen - not here. King has an ear for a song and a voice that comes from someone in double figures for albums, it is remarkable.

She really is a true talent, the album blends 60's soul, gospel, Southern country, and it is a true gem. There are songs for stadiums, songs for the radio, songs for the broken hearted - songs to reinvigorate your love of music. It's a high bar she has set with album 1, let's hope album 2 sends her skywards.

Rudie Humphrey