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Emily Burgess Emily Burgess
Album: Are We In Love
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 10

Are We In Love is the debut album from Toronto-born musician Emily Burgess. While this may be the first release in her sole name, Burgess is no stranger to performing. She's played hundreds of shows across North America and France; wrote two songs and played guitar for the 2015 JUNO nominated album Wicked by The 24th Street Wailers; and has performed with the Women' Blues Revue Band since 2014. Most prominently however, she also performs with The Weber Brothers, both of whom appear on this release, as well as produce it.

Burgess doesn't stick to blues for her debut, with roots, indie-pop and good old fashioned rock getting pretty much equal measure. That said the opening track, Til I Get To Call You My Own, is a Rolling Stones style blues number, though Burgess's own vocal style adds another layer. Ain't That A Woman is another heavily blue inspired track, though this one has more of a ballad feel to it. Stand Up For Your Love is along the same lines as the opener, a radio friendly blues rock number with just a touch of country to it.

There's impressive variety to the rest of the album. Could You Watch Me Walk is a catchy low key indie pop song, a change of pace but a welcome one. Only One In Your Dreams is a foot tapping rock number, while the title track has a hint of R&B mixed in with the pop elements. And just when you think it couldn't get any more varied, Burgess throws in an acoustic duet with Hillary Dumoulin on the final track.

For someone who is more used to being a supporting player, this is an impressive way for Burgess to step out of the shadows. While she could have played it safe and familiar, instead Are We In Love is impressively versatile, with plenty of stand-out tracks. It's a great start to her solo career, and this should bode well for future releases.

Adam Jenkins