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Elaine PalmerElaine Palmer
Album: Desert Songs
Label: Wipe Out Music
Tracks: 6

Elaine Palmer, like me, resides in the beautiful county of North Yorkshire. This place is a haven for songwriters combining beautiful and incredible scenery with a genuine taste of four seasons in a year, all of which combine to provide perfect inspiration.

Elaine's music is delivered with a voice that combines elements of folk and blues delivered with a melancholy sound. This fusion provides the vehicle for Elaine's heartfelt lyrics and music.

Despite the strong connection to Yorkshire, this latest album is mainly influenced by Elaine's travels in South West America and Mexico, hence the title of "Desert Songs."

The backing on the album includes a cello, an instrument which perfectly matches the melancholy and sombre tone of Elaine's voice. This is most apparent in "Make Believe" a song dedicated to her Mother. "Hoping" is another song about family and includes a delightful harmonic finale to complement its delightful acoustic guitar backing.

This is not an album that is going to get you up on your feet dancing but, is most definitely one to sit back and listen to undisturbed. "Drive By" is the track most likely to satisfy listeners and fans of more upbeat music.

This is the third album of Elaine's that I have reviewed and I can certainly now state that, like Bob Harris, I am a fan. It is said that "good things come in small bundles" and this 6-track album bears witness to that. Understated and musically inclusive, this is an album, to satisfy lovers of music that has real meaning and that is delivered with real style.

Rory Stanbridge