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Drop The Floor Drop The Floor
Album: Fairly Cookin'
Label: Hudson
Tracks: 14

Here's a colourful folk album to set a weary heart alight and lift the spirits, like fireworks. The talented guys from Drop the Floor, based in the Northern town of Clitheroe, supply a box of brilliant Irish sparklers.

A quality release, this is their second album, a journey of contrasts and brilliant musicianship. Guitar and banjo accompaniment locks into the illustrious patterns of uilleann pipes with familial ease. Chords rise with under-stated defiance. Songs gently unfold, vocals ring out with an authentic heart.

The band of friends has its eyes, ears and hearts open, heels dancing, their pulse beats strong. It’s a generous collection running almost eighty minutes, and certainly one to see live if you get the chance. Take a lazy late summer stroll in the sun down to the River in ‘Annie’s House’, with lyrics adjusted for the hills of Lancashire. Just lovely, tipped off with a cheeky reel to make the knees tingle.

Emily Allen