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Dragonfly Sky Dragonfly Sky
Album: Neon EP
Label: Self Relesed
Tracks: 5

In the summer of 2017 I went to a food and music festival at the lovely venue of South Hill Park in Bracknell. The music was organised by Artree, and amongst some decent artists and bands, Dragonfly Sky were head and shoulders above the rest of the acts. I was delighted to hear they were releasing an EP, and even more delighted to get my hands on it to review. This may be the first release from the Surrey based duo, but on this showing, it shouldn't be the last.

Waxen Wings is a gentle way to start the EP, with the focus on the vocal performances of Chris and Amy. While both have great voices, the song really flies when both are singing together, each complimenting the other perfectly. Kiss Of The World is a wonderful song, and while the focus remains on the vocal performance, the melody is a lot stronger. The chorus is so ridiculously catchy that you will find it stuck in your head for days afterwards.

While Marie Celeste appears on first listen to be a drop in quality, the more you listen the better it gets. It may lack the immediate hook of some of the other songs on the EP, but lyrically it's perhaps the strongest track, with a low key emotional punch to it. Tears Of The Sun appears at first like a bit of a misstep, with a Mexican Mariachi feel to the opening, but as soon as the vocals kick in the song just soars. It's the longest track, but never outstays its welcome. The EP saves the best for last however, with a live version of Neon that captures you and keeps you enthralled from the first note to the last. This is a track that you'll want to listen to again and again.

As debuts go, it doesn't get much better than this. This is certainly one of the strongest EPs of the year so far, and deserves to get the duo a lot of attention. Neon EP is engaging and enchanting, and will keep you enthralled with every listen. I can't wait to hear more from Dragonfly Sky.

Adam Jenkins