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Doug Schmude Doug Schmude
Album: Ghosts Of The Main Drag
Label: Lost Hubcap
Tracks: 10

Hailing from Baton Rouge, Schmude (it rhymes with moody) injects American pop-punk into the Americana template in much the same manner as the Jason and the Scorchers or Turnpike Troubadours, whose fiddle player, Kyle Nix, guests on 'Small Town Eulogy', a rousing lament to the decline of America's off-interstate communities.

A similar theme informs the foot down on the pedal title track opener while he keeps the musical momentum rolling with 'One Thing Left To Say' and the circling guitar riff of the swaggery 'Why's It Take A Funeral'. 'Rusty Dog Tags' is a punchy, dirty groove number about those who never made it back from their tours of duty, 'Wooden Nickels' nods to the spirit of the underpaid blue collar working man, reinforcing the political and social comment as well as the theme of things, times and people lost that runs through the album.

He plays some tasty dobro on 'Hazelton Road', a song about going fishing to get away from it all, and the album ends in cajun mood with clattering rums and fiery fiddle for 'Final Fais Do', a fine send off to a late friend.

Mike Davies