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Donal Clancy Donal Clancy
Album: On The Lonesome Plain
Label: Red Box
Tracks: 13

Despite my Irish blood on my Mother's side, I have never been a great lover of traditional Irish music. However, this album might just change that!

Donal Clancy is an accomplished guitarist with a wonderfully rich Irish accented voice. Despite spending much of his formative musical career in New York where he gained fame as a session musician, he returned to his homeland in 2009 with his wife and three children.

This new album from Donal is a mix of songs, some self-penned, and a number of guitar instrumentals. It is these that I am most attracted to being a big fan of the instrument. A couple of years ago I saw both Gordon Giltrap and John Renbourn, separately, and Donal can happily hold his head up in this illustrious company.

"Strike For Victory" is a stand out vocal commemorating the 1916 uprising on its one hundred year anniversary. The guitar work on this track is delightfully woven into the rich vocals. "The Green Fields Of Canada" amply demonstrates Donal's skill as a fingerstyle guitarist.

I have discovered a somewhat unusual side effect to this album. I am currently doing a set of accounts whilst reviewing this album and I have found that the music has a delightful calming effect on me even when the sums do not balance. Is that my Irish blood or just the soft gentle sound of the Emerald Isle? Either way it is working for me.

If like me you are not sure whether or not you are a fan of this type of folk music, give it a try. First of all pour yourself a good cup of tae and settle doon. You need to read that sentence accompanied by an Irish accent! I think you will be pleasantly surprised and you may even possibly nod off when you reach that point of total relaxation. A superb late night album!

Rory Stanbridge