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Album: Destination: Fellside Recordings 1976 - 2018
Label: Fellside
Tracks: 64

There are some occasions worth marking, the achievement of 42 years as a leading light in the promotion and recording of folk music being a case in point.

Paul & Linda Adams have released over 600 albums on Fellside and it's associated labels, a remarkable feat and one that sees them understandably contemplating slowing down and moving into semi-retirement.

"Destination" then is a triple CD, a celebration of the label, it's artists, it's ethos. Yet it's not just a trawl though a back catalogue, this is a work of art, nearly half of the tracks on this epic release are specially recorded or unissued.

It's issued with care, with love. The quality shines, the packaging is lavish and does justice to the music. Reading like a "who's who" of folk we are treated to performances from A.L. Lloyd, Peter Bellamy, Cyril Tawney, Hughie Jones, Peggy Seeger. From Brain Peters, John Kirkpatrick, Martin Cathy, Dave Swarbrick, Bob Fox through to Nancy Kerr & James Fagen and Pete Morton. To Spiers and Boden, Elbow Jane, The Hut People, Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar and Rick Kemp. "Destination" also dips it's toe into the waters of Jazz through its associated label Lake.

Over 600 albums, countless artists and if your favourite Fellside act isn't included then track back a while, the excellent "The Journey Continues - Fellside at 40" is your friend. As indeed is "Landmarks" a 30 year anniversary set and "Flash Company" which marked 25 years of Fellside.

All in all it's a remarkable story, it has something for everyone. Thank you Paul and Linda for a wonderful journey, you've reminded me it's time to dig out my Queensberry Rules and Ian Walker records now I reckon.

"Destination" the end of an era.

Ian Cripps

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