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Death By Unga BungaDeath By Unga Bunga
Album: Pineapple Pizza
Label: Jansen Plateproduksjon
Tracks: 12

You know you're in for a white knuckle ride on the roller coaster of fun when the band you're listening to is named Death By Unga Bunga! And boy, this Norwegian 5 piece certainly don't disappoint on that score. If you like your music short, sharp, melody-laden, and brim full of ridiculously catchy guitar and organ riffs then this album is going right to the top of your wanted list!

This bands indefatigable mix of garage, psychedelia and power pop is honestly a joy to behold. There are no pretences with this lot. Just an album with more hooks than an Abdul Hamza fan convention.

"Musically it's a protest against bad rock n roll" says guitarist Stian Gulbrandsen "It's about demanding processed cheese, intoxication, high peaks, fun and love. But also about the pain from taking in too much of it". Well whatever these boys are on, it should be available on the National Health because this album is a breath of fresh air and could possibly be a cure for all known ills.

The influence of The Ramones, 13th Floor Elevators, The Byrds The Sonics and Cheap Trick are there in plain view for all to see. 2-3 minutes songs. You don't like one? Don't worry, there'll be another along in a couple of minutes and maybe you'll like that one!

"I Can't Believe That We're Together" shamelessly nicks the riff from "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker" and re-shapes it into a full-on singalong-fest. "Make Up Your Mind" would easily sit on one of the "Nuggets" compilation albums, swirling farsifa organ and tremolo guitar combining to period effect. No need for mind bending hallucinogenic drugs, just tunes that work their way shamelessly into your consciousness (and make you breath more easily).

I love the fact that Death By Unga Bunga are following their own musical path without the need to doff their hats to commercial convention. If song titles could paint a thousand words, then "Young Girls", "Ooh I'm A Bad Bad Man", "Dollar Slice" and "Wasting Time" would form a musical dictionary. Everything you need in music (except gravitas!) is here on "Pineapple Pizza". Energy? Check. Simple catchy melodies? Check. Crisp, clean production? Check. Fun? Check.

The full on Death By Unga Bunga experience has been described as "being hit by a Norwegian rock n roll tornado", and I'm not going to argue with that. "Pineapple Pizza" is simply a damn fine garage pop album. If the Banana Splits and Double Deckers were re-made for the 2000's then Death By Unga Bunga would be the ones writing the theme tunes!

Ken Brown